3D Model, Maya, Photoshop, Rigging, UV Mapping

When I told my ideas for my final animation project to my mentor, she mentioned the cuttlefish. After some Googling, I was astounded by the cuttlefish’s ability to transform not only its colors, but also its shape. Inspired by these transformative possibilities, I decided to include a cuttlefish. What’s shown here is my work-in-progress. So far, I’ve created some concept art for the animatic, drawings for modeling in Maya, created blend shapes for the wiggling, and added a rig for the tentacles. Most recently, I’ve created a UV map which I’ve been painting in Photoshop.






Cuttlefish Color Map

Rigging & Wireframe

The tentacles were created from a dynamic curves hair system. The fins’ wavy motion were created using blend shapes.

UV Maps

I created the UV maps by hand in Maya, no plug-ins were used.

UV map

I imported the drawing into Photoshop for painting. I chose to use the mental ray mia x material in Maya which had several options for layers. I painted layers for epidermal, subdermal, diffuse and specular. Below is the painting for the diffuse map.



A drawing I created for 3D modeling in Maya.


A still from the animatic that shows the cuttlefish gently floating underwater.


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