Carousel Escapade Animation

After Effects, Animation, Illustrator

Carousel creatures escape monotony when they think no one is looking. They enjoy the night and mimic the movement of their surroundings to escape into a world where they can do and be anything they want. Their imagined escapades are a dramatic metaphor for what we imagine for ourselves, until we return to reality and acknowledge our limits.


The animation was developed through a series of class exercises where I discovered a new aspect of the story through exploration in photography and video (Vine).

While experimenting with generating light painting effects from street lights and cars, I came across a carousel whose creatures generated stories that were influenced from surrounding light sources. Below are selections of photographs that inspired the final animation.

I’m not much a Vine user, however, one assignment was to return to our subject and create short Vine stories that had a beginning, middle, and end. After several attempts, I published my favorite. It has sound.

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