Career Fair Mobile App

UI/UX Usability, Wireframe

Through a class at Northeastern, I was introduced to UI/UX design techniques that can be applied to web, mobile, and game interface designs. For the final project, I was assigned to a team that chose to design an app to help students navigate a career fair.

Persona Development

Our first step was to create a persona that represented our app’s average user. To determine our persona, we created a set of questions which we used to interview students on campus.

  1. Do you have a smartphone?
  2. How often do you participate at the Career Fair?
  3. Describe your last experience at the NEU Career Fair
  4. What did you like about the Career Fair? Why?
  5. What didn’t you like about the Career Fair? Why?
  6. How did you Prepare for the Career Fair?
  7. Do you research companies that you are interested in before the Career Fair?
  8. Where do you research companies that you are interested in before the Career Fair?
  9. Where do you look for information about companies and their open positions?
  10. What companies’ hiring criteria are most important to you?
  11. What are most important things you should know about each company at Career Fair?
  12. What questions do you ask recruiters?
  13. How do you navigate yourself at Career Fair?
  14. What are your follow up questions after Career Fair? Do you keep records of all your follow up actions (like sending emails, resume, applying via websites)? If yes, what tools do you use for that?


After determining our persona from our interviews, we created two scenarios that presented a different set of conditions and parameters that our persona and other potential users would encounter when using our app . We called our persona Kim Callahan. In one scenario, Kim is unprepared when she arrives at the career fair and she needs to quickly find a company that matches her interests. In the other scenario, Kim prepares prior to the career fair by using the app to research and favorite companies that are scheduled to be at the career fair. When Kim arrives at the career fair, she uses the app to navigate the career fair, apply to positions, take notes after speaking with recruiters, and connect with recruiters via LinkedIn. Our presentation on Kim and initial wireframe can be viewed in the slideshow below.


Usability Testing

We created a clickable PDF of our app wireframe to test on students. During user testing, we presented both scenarios to determine which parts of our app needed improvement (i.e., where our users got lost). The final version of our app wireframe can be viewed below.

Final App

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