Author: Crystal Ray

Animation, Science

Cinemagraph for Science Video Contest

My entry for a science video competition features past, current, and future space missions which include capturing asteroids and deep space exploration of other planets and moons (Europa). Video was made with photos and images from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and NASA JET Propulsion Laboratory Flickr feeds and HubbleSite Gallery. The Europa clip also

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Rebel Music, Native Americans, First Nation, and MTV

MTV is currently doing a very exciting series on music (and art) by Native and Indigenous peoples. The first episode of Rebel Music is available on the website ( The opening narrative tells of a Lakota Prophecy of the 7th generation of Red Nations who will rise to advocate for themselves and the earth at a time when

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NASA Asteroid Initiative: A Citizens Forum

Got a NASA patch today! I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the NASA Asteroid Initiative: A Citizens Forum. I definitely learned a lot and as quiet as I usually am, I was eager to join the discussions. A photo posted by Crystal (@kristykatcr) on Nov 11, 2014 at 1:49pm PST The forum began with a forty

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Never Alone (Kisima Innitchuna)

Recently learned of  Never Alone, a remarkable game that was produced by the first Native American gaming company, Upper One Games.  The game looks stunning from the preview and I can’t wait to play it myself. As a Native American, I admire the initiatives of the Iñupiat to produce media that is not only culturally edifying, but also

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Boston Comic Con 2014

Marvel Panel Attended the Marvel Panel which had a considerable amount of interest that was apparent from the extremely (and daunting) long line that formed forty minutes before the panel was scheduled to begin. The panel had a Q&A format which started after brief introductions of the panelists and moderator: Carlos Pacheco, Mark Brooks, Jorge Molina, Mark

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3D Model, Animation, Journal, Maya


Excited for my recent progress on the Cuttlefish. This little guy was a lot of work but taught me a lot of workflow techniques. Below is a brief video of the latest rendering of this little guy, each frame takes about 10 minutes to render. Note the changing water patterns which I created in After

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