Rebel Music, Native Americans, First Nation, and MTV

MTV is currently doing a very exciting series on music (and art) by Native and Indigenous peoples. The first episode of Rebel Music is available on the website ( The opening narrative tells of a Lakota Prophecy of the 7th generation of Red Nations who will rise to advocate for themselves and the earth at a time when they, the earth, and everyone else are threatened. As a Native, I can tell you that definitely seems like a lot to live up to! But, after watching the first episode online, I am very proud of the millennial Natives who are working to not only live their dreams, but also advocate for their communities, land, and environment while edifying and sharing their heritage and values.

The site also contains Native artists’ work. Steven Paul Judd’s work (for me) definitely evokes questions of Natives’ place in history and their evolution in current media. #FrybreadPower #NativerThanYou

By Steven Paul Judd (Kiowa/Choctaw visual artist)

Project 562 was also included and for which I was already a fan. It’s a photography project by Matika Wilbur whose aim is to document 562 (now 566) federally documented tribes.

Project 562, By Matika Wilbur (Swinomish/Tulalip photographer)

The introduction for the first Rebel Music episode also mentions the saddening news of the statistical aberrations of violence and murder against indigenous women in Canada. Despite accounting for 4.3% of the female population, indigenous woman comprise 16% of homicide victims and 11.3% of missing women’s cases.  On twitter, indigenous woman asked #AmINext

Well, being that I don’t have TV, I’ll have to wait for more episodes as they’re published online. I’m glad for issues that are being brought up and am grateful for these Rebels’ examples.