Never Alone (Kisima Innitchuna)

Recently learned of  Never Alone, a remarkable game that was produced by the first Native American gaming company, Upper One Games.  The game looks stunning from the preview and I can’t wait to play it myself. As a Native American, I admire the initiatives of the Iñupiat to produce media that is not only culturally edifying, but also provides opportunity for Native youth to learn their stories from a source that worked cooperatively with their elders and storytellers. Outsiders’ views, unfortunately, usually project a stereotypical, staccato speaking, and at times, unflattering vapid portrayal of Native Americans. Even if Native Americans are portrayed favorably in media, they’re not always the protagonist and are usually saved by a non-Native. Such was the case for Dancing with Wolves (which I loved as a kid by the way and I am a Kevin Costner fan) and heck, I’ll mention Twilight. So, another kudos for Never Alone where the protagonist is not only a Native, but also female.

The game is in a newly formed gaming category called “‘World Games'”. The game will surely be both entertaining and educational on an aspects of Native culture.

I’ve dabbled a bit in Unity myself and have yet to create low polygonal models for gaming, and this beautiful example sets a high, world class standard for other aspiring Native Artists in the media industry. Thank you Upper One Games!