Boston Comic Con 2014

Marvel Panel

Attended the Marvel Panel which had a considerable amount of interest that was apparent from the extremely (and daunting) long line that formed forty minutes before the panel was scheduled to begin. The panel had a Q&A format which started after brief introductions of the panelists and moderator: Carlos Pacheco, Mark Brooks, Jorge Molina, Mark Waid, & Skottie Young. One of the first questions to panel and which was repeatedly asked was WHEN Marvel would produce a movie that had a female lead. The panelists seem to sweat a little from this question. After the third time the question was asked, the panelist on the far right stated that Marvel employs several female editors who, by comparison to other comic companies, is a substantial amount. These women also direct and influence, to a large degree, how the Marvel women are portrayed. This answer seemed to vindicate the panelists and Marvel, however, as a female and a minority, I’m still very disappointed.

Are we not consumers too? Which also makes us your boss? According to Indiewire, women make up approximately half of movie ticket sales. Making a movie with a strong female lead could not only draw in additional ticket sales, but also create additional loyal fans who, from my personal observations at Comic Con, are lacking female roles to cosplay. At Comic Con, I observed  that more women were cosplaying as male superheros than males cosplaying as female superheroes. Of course, anyone is welcome to cosplay as anyone and I admire those who don’t let the gender of a superhero restrict who they want to cosplay. However,  Marvel and all other movie production studios, take note: As a woman, I look forward to movies that have strong female roles, where the women are portrayed as ones that fight for themselves and survive. Think Hungar Games, Gravity, and Edge of Tomorrow.

Additionally, minorities make a significant portion of the population and our numbers are increasing. Shouldn’t the diversity of our American and International culture be reflected in the Marvel identities that so many of us admire and spend our money on? While on this rant, as a Native American, I also request that the stereotypical portrayal of staccato speaking Native Americans no longer be used in any type of media. Ok, rant finished.


Aside from the panels and workshops, I loved walking through the aisles to view the artwork. After watching Guardians of the Galaxy several times, I knew that I wanted art of Rocket and Groot which I happily found from an artist that I bought from last year as well as another artist who worked on the Guardians of the Galaxy trading cards.